1. Where Does Seattle Airport Cab pick up from the airport?
When you arrive at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport collect your luggage go outside by the curbside, there each door has a number on the top of the door just let us know the door number by calling 206-400-7732 and your driver will be there within 5 to 10 minutes.

2. How will I identify Seattle Airport Cab driver?
Your driver will be the one texting/calling  you, so you will have a direct contact with him via cell phone.

3. Does Seattle Airport Cab charge for the curbside pickups?
Seattle Airport Cab  doesn’t charge for the curbside pickup. It is FREE!

4. Do you offer meet and greet Service?
Yes. We do meet and greet upon request where we meet the client at the baggage claim arrival level and help retrieve the luggage for our clients. The cost extra $25.

5. Does Seattle Airport Cab track my flight?
Yes, we do track your flight based on the information you enter making the reservation.

6. Does Seattle Airport Cab charge me if my flight is delayed?
No, we do not charge you if your flight is delayed rather we do line up the next available driver to
pick you up based on the new landing time.

7. What if my flight lands early?
We will still pick you up on the new arrival time.